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Originally Posted by hoopguy
Let me preface this with the statement that I am not a referee but am interested in getting in the business and have been very involved in basketball for many years.

Situation 1
Half time of a travel game. team A is on defense and only 4 players take the floor. The 5th girl sitting on the bench that is supposed to be in the game suddenly realizes it and runs onto the floor. What is the proper call?
I would go with a team technical foul.

A team shall not:
Art. 9 . . . Fail to have all players return to the court at approximately the same time following a time-out or intermission.

It might be possible to charge the individual player with a technical foul under the following Case Book play, but I believe that the above rule is a better fit to the situation.

10.3.3 SITUATION B: After a lengthy substitution process involving multiple substitutions for both Team A and Team B, A5 goes to the bench and remains there, believing he/she has been replaced. The ball is put in play even though Team A has only four players on the court. Team A is bringing the ball into A's frontcourt when the coach of Team A realizes they have only four players. The coach yells for A5 to return and A5 sprints directly onto the court without reporting or without being beckoned. RULING: A technical foul is charged to A5 for returning during playing action even though A5 had not been replaced.

Originally Posted by hoopguy
Situation 2

Ref calls a shooting foul and awards player 2 shots. After first shot players go for rebound and play begins. As game proceeds coaches from shooters team ask why only one shot awarded and ref responds that original shot went in. Coach calls time out to stop game and with official scorer explains that no basket scored. What should happen now?

Both situations happened as explained.
This is a correctable error for failure to award a merited FT. If the error was recognized in the proper time frame, then the FT would be awarded with the lane empty and the game would resume from the Point of Interruption.

ART. 1 . . . Officials may correct an error if a rule is inadvertently set aside and results in:
a. Failure to award a merited free throw.
b. Awarding an unmerited free throw.
c. Permitting a wrong player to attempt a free throw.
d. Attempting a free throw at the wrong basket.
e. Erroneously counting or canceling a score.
ART. 2 . . . In order to correct any of the officials' errors listed in Article 1, such error must be recognized by an official no later than during the first dead ball after the clock has properly started.

ART. 3 . . . If in Article 1e the error is made while the clock is running and the ball dead, it must be recognized by an official before the second live ball.
ART. 4 . . . If the error is a free throw by the wrong player or at the wrong
basket, or the awarding of an unmerited free throw, the free throw and the activity during it, other than unsporting, flagrant, intentional or technical fouls, shall be canceled.
ART. 5 . . . Points scored, consumed time and additional activity, which may occur prior to the recognition of an error, shall not be nullified. Errors because of free-throw attempts by the wrong player or at the wrong basket shall be corrected by applying 8-1 and 2.

ART. 6 . . . If an error is corrected, play shall be resumed from the point of interruption to rectify the error, unless it involves awarding a merited free throw(s) and there has been no change of team possession since the error was made, in which case play shall resume as after any free-throw attempt(s).
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