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Originally Posted by Whistles & Stripes
Well, at the JV level, it sounds like your assignor has put you with a weaker official, and part of your duty at this point is to help train this official. Don't do anything immediately that will embarass him or anything, but when you get a moment during a TO or at halftime, ask him what he had on a particular call. I have even set up a certain signal with some of my less experienced partners before where if something funky or whatever happens, if I give them this signal, it tells them to put that play in their memory bank for later discussion. I'm not out to openly criticize an official on every questionable call or whatever, but I'll often ask the official what they saw that made them call it the way they did, and then explain what I thought I may have seen. It also sounds like you are indicating that he was calling outside his area. Ball watching is often one of the hardest habits to break a new official out of, but it can be done. I often suggest to my partners that if the ball is not in their area, find a specific matchup that IS in their area, and referee it.
This is more helpful than you may realize. Not all veterans are cut out to be mentors. It sounds like you have the right attitude to help us, less experienced officials. It is tough going through the learning experience being attacked from what, at times, seems like all sides.

A personal thanks from one rookie. Keep up the good work.
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