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Originally Posted by boyinblue24
Has anyone every read the story about a LL ump named Donald Jensen? Long story short he was an ump that was calling a game & bat was thrown & wacked him in the head. Later that night when he was laying up in the hospital he wrote a story that inspired everyone involved w/ baseball. Everyone. That story is for another time. The next day he died from brain failure. That was LL. If it can happen in LL it can happen in your league too. A HSM will protect your whole head. btw did anyone see the Braves vs Marlins game the previous season? It was where (I think it was Davis) that got hit with a top of a bat that broke off, swung around & caught him under chin & ended the game early for him. He's fine but a few days later he was calling a game w/ a huge mark on the side of his face!
If you're positioned properly a thrown bat will not be able to hit you in the back of the head. They say lightening can strike out of a clear blue sky. I suppose we should start dragging around an electrode with us to keep safe from that anomaly too.

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