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Originally Posted by nickrego
Hey Tim, that's perfectly fine. You tried it, and prefer not to wear one. I will listen to, and respect, anyone's opinion of HSM's who has actually tried one.
Well, I tried one for two years. I gave it two full seasons of a tryout. When I return to umpiring, I'm going back to a mask and 6-stitch hat. Typical reasons, the heat, the noise, the ringing of the ears. You really do feel like you have gotten your bell rung much more than with a mask.

Now, Nick...I think you need to respect everyone's opinion on the subject of HSM's, not just the people who have tried them. You don't need to eat horse poop to know that it doesn't taste good, and some folks know without a doubt that they would not like the helmet either. You can't expect people to switch over, or even try the HSM. Their opinion is just as valid as those who have tried them.
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