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Ok, I've watched the tape. The foul by Fazekas is well before the act of shooting and Hawaii was not in the bonus. However, the foul should have been an intentional personal foul. I believe that the Lead could not see the jersey being held from behind due to where he was standing. The C had the first whistle on the play and that was understandably late, due to the play being out of his primary. By the time the Lead put a whistle on the play, the T had also done so.
Gracey was the Lead and he counted the basket on the play. It was after much discussion and tantrum throwing that the officials changed the call. On the tape, they never go to the monitor for this. They merely meet and talk.
That doesn't mean that the monitor was not used. I just can't see it being used on the ESPN telecast due to the camera being on the benches and the coaches. The TV broadcaster also says the he is surprised that the officials aren't going to the monitor. Personally, I don't believe that they can. It was a judgment call.

What a wild ending and a tough loss for Hawaii.
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