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Bob, I believe the scorer was correct in this situation. At any rate it is not our problem or jurisdiction to worry about quarters and I believe this could lead to problems. What if one team wanted to play the overtime and the other didn't? Guess they would have to forfeit. What if during the fourth quarter, A1 fouls out, coach says they only have four left, you say what about her A2 on the bench? Coach says I need her quarters for varsity she can't play. Brings up a serious dilemna for officials, by rule an eligible player must play. I don't have an answer, but I think I would handle it by having the coach remove the player from the bench if they were not eligible by her or her school standards. This has also come up when a school has an automatic suspension policy for technicals, what do you do if they are on the bench and coach says they can't play due to school policy. You can bet I will bring it up next year at the rules meeting, if I don't, remind me.
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