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There's another play I've seen the Colts get away with a few times and they did it twice again yesterday. It's the plays where NE defense jumps offsides but does not make contact and then a Colt's lineman moves.

Prior to a few years ago, this would have been a foul on the offense since the defense can enter the NZ as long as they get back before the snap. They changed the rule so that if the offensive player moved in reaction to the defensive player jumping offside, the foul would be against the defense since they theoretically caused the movement.

I thought there was a stipulation in the rule (but I guess it is based on a comment by the announcers so it could be wrong), that the movement by the offense had to be a reaction to the defense jumping and not an intentional movement to make the defense's action a foul.

In both plays yesterday, the Colts lineman moved and immediately pointed at the defensive player (and it wasn't the offensive lineman directly across from the defender who moved). They've done that several times the past few games and the call has always gone against the defense.

Thoughts? Were these the correct calls?
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