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Originally Posted by JRutledge
To say the Patriots who have won several Super Bowls had nothing to do with it is rather silly if you ask me. They got beat by a team and a coach that had been there before. LT hardly got the ball at then end of the game and the Patriots had to go the length of the field to kick the game winning FG. Give the Patriots a little credit. They have made the AFC game 4 out of the last 6 times. You do not do that by teams giving you victories.

Lighten up man. This is after all sports. This is what people do when a team loses. If that upsets you that much, what do you do when you are on the field and people say a lot worse. You did not lose the game, your team did. If the San Diego fans are that upset by what someone says here, you need to go to some other fan sites because I am sure a lot worse is being said.

I think you miss the point Rut. He directed it at me. This isn't a fan site, it's an official board. I don't expect to be personally ridiculed by a fellow official. What people say while I'm umpiring goes with the territory, this does not.

LaDainian Tomlinson had 123 yards, on 23 carries. He pounded the ball all day long. The Patriots didn't contain him at all. Where do you get that he hardly got the ball? What game were you watching, anyway? The Chargers gave the game away. Every sportscaster, analyst, pundit, and writer is saying the same thing. The Chargers gave the Patriots too many chances to get back in the game. The mistakes I pointed out are exactly the plays that cost them the game. Brady would not have had the opportunity to come back without these stupid mistakes. Oh yeah, Quentin Jammer forgot to cover Caldwell on the deep route. Mistake # 4.

Hey Jurrasic, your next post that contains anything interesting or useful, will be your first.
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