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Originally Posted by waltjp
Think you could constrain your stupid bickering to the baseball board and not pollute this forum too?
It's okay, Walt. The big jerk is right. The Chargers beat themselves. The only team that could beat the Chargers is the Chargers. The Patriots had little to do with it. The penalty to Florence for the moronic Unnecessary Roughness, the double-muffed punt by Parker, and McCree's idiocy for intercepting the pass instead of knocking it down on 4th down are what killed the Chargers. They had many opportunities to slam the door on New England, and failed to do so. They got what they deserved.

It is petty, mean, and childish of PWL to throw all this up in the faces of disheartened Chargers fans. I know he only means for it to upset me, however, and SOMEONE with some nads should run him off this board forever. He is nothing but a spoiled child masquerading as an adult.
Matthew 15:14, 1 Corinthians 1:23-25
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