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Lightbulb You learned something!!!!


You just made a mistake and in the end you will be better for that mistake. We are all expected to be perfect no matter how long you have been officiating. You know the secret, we all make them regardless of experience.

Pick yourself up and get back out there and do it again. I bet you will not be making that mistake again.

Look, I worked the other night with two officials that have hardly done 3 person games at all. Well not only did they do a pretty good job, I had a terrible game in the process. They made mistakes, we were not all on the same page at time, and it was on of the biggest rival for both teams. Many things appeared to go wrong, but we got through them. Emotions were high, we gave one T and we moved on. And the home team hit the winning bucket after winning most of the game but losing it with under a minute to go.

In the end I was disappointed with my performance, but the game was not changed by the many communication break downs that tend to happen by us on the floor.

I will have to move on, and so will you. We have to be like the NFL cornerbacks, maintain a short memory. We are only as good as the last call we made.

Let us get into "Good Trouble."
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