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Originally Posted by Old School
I don't disregard anything. I merely make a decision and move on, and sometimes, I make a mistake, sometimes, I get it wrong. Not the end of the world to me. I just move on and try not to make that same mistake again.
In order to learn from a mistake, you have to admit it was a mistake. You're not doing that here; you're still justifying using 2-3 to continue a game that states generally say must be ended by forfeit. Unless you can tell me your state doens't require the forfeit here, you are disregarding the rules.

You've previously mentioned bending the rules to avoid any chance at a lawsuit. You want to see a lawsuit, try finishing a game without a coach and having a kid get hurt. Who's going to come out on the court to tend to him, the captain?

It's not about being "afraid to be an official." It's about taking the time to know the basic rules, for crying out loud.
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