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Originally Posted by rgncjn
I have seen two very similar situations in varsity boys' games following my work in the JV contests. Actually, on back to back nights.

(1) Team A inbounds the pass and is bringing the ball up the court. Player B1 fouls Player A1 in an effort to stop the clock. After the play is dead, Player B2 and Player A1 get into a scuffle and are charged with a Double Technical situation. --- The original foul to stop the clock was team foul 10. No free throws were awarded for this original foul call, Team A was just given the ball for a throw-in from the Double T at the point of interruption. Is this right, no FT for the original foul?

(2) Player A1 is fouled in the act of shooting by B1. During the dead ball and reporting of the foul Coach B is issued a technical foul for unsporting behavior. --- Player A1 gets his two free throws for the shooting foul, but no FT are awarded for the Tech on B's Coach. Team A was given the ball for a throw in at the division line. --- Should Team A have shot 2 more shots?
1. A1 should have shot two free-throws.
2. A1 should have shot two free-throws with the free-throw lane spaces unoccupied, followed by a player from team A shooting the two free-throws for the technical foul by the coach of team B. Play should have resumed with a division-line throw-in by team A.
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