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Unhappy more patient?

I had my 2nd Varsity game last night. First quarter, half way through. My partners seem to not call obvious fouls right in front of them. This continues through til half time. Fans, coaches and players are getting frustrated with the lack control. We did not reach one and one in a girls game.

The fouls were 6 and 5 and I called about 3/4 of them. Halftime, were talking about the first half. My Ps are calm and collect. Saying good half. So I ask if they having anything for me, that they see I need to work on. (they're both 10 years and more, I'm only 3 years) My P says yeah. Try to be more patient with you whistle! Let them play through some of your fouls. Now I might be used to JV ball, but I cant believe that most V officials are like this.

It really affected my game in the second half. It was stuck in my head what he said. I think I blew my whistle about 3 times and 1 was a travel. I'm all for "get in, get done and get out!" BUT! The game was a complete disaster. People screaming all over the place FOUL this! FOUL that! And I got my whistle stuck in my throat! So as a First year Varsity ref, What the hell do you do in this sitch! If I start blowing my whistle all over the place, My Ps would be pissed and start talking and I would never get anymore V games. I Guess "GET IN, GET DONE AND GET OUT' ( I just read my Quote below as I was editing this! How Ironic!!!!!!!!)
"If you ever stop to say 'What's going to happen to me if I make this call', you might as well take your whistle and shove it because that's all the respect you're giving it."-Earl Strom

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