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Originally posted by Red Neck Ref
This ref in question does not do any high school games. He is well respected amongst his peers at D1, not local association. He is a local guy and some people thinks he walks on water because he is a D1 ref. How about a note to his D1 supervisor about his antics.
If he's in your association then report him & file a formal
grievance if you have such a process, then follow up
with a strong letter & report to his D1 supervisor(s).
If he's not in your association then a formal grievance
might not be appropriate, but do send a formal
report to his D1 sups. In any case this should be handled
through your association leadership (grievance commitee
and exec board). Don't be surprised if all you get for
your trouble is a letter of apology, but don't let that
stop you. This guys behavior was just wrong, game security
should have been told to escort him out of the building.
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