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As usual BktballRef is right on the this @sshole! (Well, maybe he didn't use such "colorful" lanuage)

As a RookieDude I appreciate any comments a seasoned veteran can give me. However, I would appreciate the veteran to save the comments for half-time or after the game in the privacy of our locker room. Any official that would sit in the stands and berate a fellow brother, out loud or otherwise, needs to have his head examined.

We are supposedly a tight fraternity of men and women working hard at what we do. We don't have many friends out there in the stands, and to have a fellow official sit there with the other screaming idiots...what's a guy to do?

Can you imagine a biker gang (official's association), for example, have a fellow biker guy cut down one of his gang memebers (official) to a rival gang (fans in the stand).

This guy wouldn't last long in his "gang".

I vote for a similar punishment for this "highly respected" Div 1 official.


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