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Originally Posted by Shorty
For the most part I am a linejudge or linesman, since I normally do 4-judge crews, and there I feel I have no problems. But at the same time these are considered the easiest positions on the field, and I feel that other referees look down upon because I tend to prefer these positions....irritating!

Another obstacle is that I'm female, while all the other referees where I live are male. This has resulted in that it is perfectly acceptable for players to yell "c*nt" at all times....have tried to tell my fellow referees that I feel that is offensice and not acceptable, but they can't appreciate that Would any of you accept that?!?

Definately different views around Europe. I'm in Berlin, and LM is considered the least desirable job. Most running, presure about spots and from the sideline, and having to deal with the horrible chain crews!
We have a lot of female officials. None ref as U, but all other positions. I find a really short R can be a problem for signals and communication, but go where you are comfortable (I NEVER ref deep, just not comfortable there!)

As for swearing - You will have to find your own solution. I would try to evaluate if it was directed at me or a general commant. I am fairly quick with a flag and ejection for something like that though...

Hope things are better for you, and if you want to pick up a game when travelling in Germany, write me [email protected].

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