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Originally Posted by RoyGardner
"How exactly is this a flagrant foul."

1. 10 players were offside
2. So far offside that most were at the B restraining line at the kick
3. Meaning that A had no chance of returning kick (part of "planned play")
4. Intent of which was to use time and prevent runback
5. And by preventing any real chance at return, forcing B to take penalty

Coaching an intentional foul in such a way as to put the opponent at a significant disadvantage IMO is the definition of both FLAGRANT and UNSPORTSMANLIKE.
Wow! You almost convinced me that you are right when you used the [B]bold[B] and ALL CAPS...but I have a few more questions.

In the Fed rulebook I was unable to find a definition of flagrant. Am I wrong? What about NCAA, is it defined?

In every case that I could find in the fed, a flagrant foul resulted in an ejection. Should the coach be ejected in your opinion?
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