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Wish we had gone over this in the pregame.....

If it was a 5 man crew that normally works together, they should have the "who goes under the post" mechanic down by this point. If it was a lack of concentration or communication, that's on them.

I can't see stopping the clock when it's running under with 30 seconds left in a close game and A is running the kicking team out there.

The whole replay, who won? discussion is for the birds. I can understand the kids feeling cheated out of the win if you know that it was a made FG, but that's life - move on. There will probably be something down the road that is a big disappointment for you - you gonna get a do-over on that one?

I think it illustrates how everyone is willing to talk about honor and justice until their interests are placed in jeopardy - then their ideas of justice and honor get a little skewed.
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