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Originally Posted by Junker
I was working JUCO jamoborees over the weekend for the second year. I don't have to make this decision now, but it got me thinking about which side I want to work. I'm about 50/50 on which to do. I like the athleticism of the men, the challenge of the games, and the percieved prestige of working college men. The drawbacks I see so far are the physical play at the JUCO level (constantly watching for cheap shots and such), advancement may be more difficult (I'm about 5'11", a short guy around college officials) and it seems that there's a little more competition rather than commraderie on the men's side. As for women, the advantages are that the games seem a little more laid back, the play is less physical and closer to what I see now in HS, more of a fellowship of officials (or so it seems from what I've seen so far) and I think I could advance a little more quickly and to a higher level on the women's side. Drawbacks are that I don't want to get on in my career and wonder if I could have made it with the men and the athleticism is much better for the men. My questions for you that I want to discuss are as follows;
Do you agree with my statements of advantages and disadvantages?
Are there any other factors I should consider?
This isn't a decision I have to make in a hurry, but I've been thinking about it all weekend. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
I cannot post what I really think on here, but if you would like my private opinion, email me at [email protected]. I work womens BB and will give you a very honest (and true) forcast of your chances!
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