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I am killing myself laughing...

I am killing myself laughing...
Not because I don't believe you, or I think it's funny- but because that's what I am doing RIGHT NOW!
When the knee went, the old-school +POS Brinkman models with, like, nine straps were useless. Not only were they too tall, but they were too narrow and didn't articulate in the right spot.
I thought about what could do the job for a night or two, and figured I'd try the hockey shins. I wear +POS high-tops, so my instep/ankle wasn't an issue, and I work low and in the slut, so my thighs weren't a problem. The pads worked so well, and were so light and flexible, I wear them whenever I feel the need to wear my brace. I slip them on, and hold them up with soccer socks of all things!
It's sort of a running joke with my local guys- almost all of them referee hockey, and they keep trying to get me to call something while I'm "skating around out there"- offside, hooking, whatever.
Anyway, it's funny that you mention that.
I'm in hockey pads now, but would like to move to a real leg guard- it seems like the Wilson-Davis is the obvious choice so far.

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