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By no means should the batter have been called out. That certainly makes no sense.

Here is an example from one Little League's local league rules on how to properly handle this, and other situations that can arise:

15. Roster as Batting Order. A team's complete roster shall constitute the batting order for each game (see Regulation VIII, Rule 4.04.)

a. In the case of a Player who reaches base safely and must be removed from the game due to injury, his place on the bases shall be taken by the last Player above him in the batting order who made an out.

b. The next Player on the roster will replace a batter, unable to complete an “at-bat” due to injury. This Player shall assume the count of the injured batter.

c. A Player who is obviously injured, ill, or who leaves the park prior to the conclusion of the game shall be removed from the line-up without penalty and may not re-enter the game.

d. Players suffering a "temporary illness," "injury" or "other problem" who cannot take a turn at bat shall cause an out to be recorded, unless the Opposing Manager agrees to "skip" the batter. Opposing Managers shall agree to skips in cases where the injury is clearly temporary (bee stings, wind knocked out of Player, etc.) Managers shall keep in mind that the goal is to have kids playing ball and that batters shall not be skipped simply because they are "stressed."

I don't care for having the next batter assume the count. I like the idea of the last recorded out filling in for the injured batter, but each league using entire rosters as the batting order should have some provision for injury.
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