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Gimme a 30?

Originally posted by BktBallRef
Team A can request TO anytime up until the ball is released.

Once A1 has the ball at his disposal, any request by B should be ignored.

Can someone clarify...I understand that B cant call a Timeout once the ball is at the disposal of the shooter which I interpret once the ball leaves my hands (Correct?). As for A, can they call a Timeout while the ball is at the disposal of the shooter? Example....A1 is at the line and has the ball thru 8 of the 10 sec count... A's coach realizes that A1 may violate...can A1 or A's coach call a time out?

This could also be useful as a strategy to give their team a breather without using a full time out....Say A is on the line...wait 9 a 30....regroup....take 9 more secs and shoot.

NF rules if you please.


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