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Originally Posted by WestMichBlue
Even if F1 did not make a play, the B-R was still allowed to stop (once). Then she would (immediately) continue to 2B, or return to 1B. After that, another stop or reversal would get her called out under the LBR.
Agree with you WMB.
Of course if there's a play or an attempt... it's a no brainer (don't you say this way? )
But even if there's a simple walk, BR is still allowed to pass 1B ant THEN decide what to do.

This is from ISF Rulebook:

Rule 8

v. (FP ONLY) When he is legitimately off his base after a pitch, or as a result of a batter completing his turn at bat
and, while the pitcher has the ball within the pitcher's circle, he does not immediately return to his base, or
attempt to advance to the next base.
EFFECT - Sec. 9v:
1. The ball is dead and all other runners must return to the last legally held base at the time of the runner being
declared out.
2. Failure to immediately proceed to the next base, or return to his base, once the pitcher has the ball within the
pitcher's circle, shall result in the runner being declared out.
3. Once the runner returns to a base for any reason, he shall be declared out if he leaves said base.
EXCEPTION – Sec. 9v: A runner shall not be declared out if:
1. A play is made on him or another runner (a fake throw is considered a play), or
2. The pitcher no longer has possession of the ball within the pitcher’s circle, or
3. The pitcher releases the ball by a pitch to the batter.
NOTE: A base on balls, or dropped third strike in which the runner is entitled to run, is treated the same as a batted
(<=this bold is mine) The batter-runner may continue past first base, and is entitled to run toward second base, as long as he does not
stop at first base. If he stops after he rounds first base, he then must comply with EFFECT – Sec. 9v-2.w. When
he abandons a base and enters his team area, or leaves the field of play, while the ball is alive.
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