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Originally posted by booker227
Mr. Crowder, if that remark was addressed to me, then I do taken offense to your remark. I've never ejected a coach who wasn't deserving of that ejection, and I do not take pride in those ejections. My ejections have all come after several attempts at calming the situations, but when faced with a coach who is attempting to take over the game by ranting,raving, and acting in a disrespecful and unprofessionl manner, and fans and parents who act in a offensive way to me, thus taking the spotlight from the players, then that coach or parent is gone is a second, and there is no second guessing, remorse or guilton my part. My field is for the players, not the coaches. The question was asked, and I answered it. Please don't read between the lines and come to your own conclusion as to what I wrote, because, your conclusion is wrong.

Wow, whoever has the Mr. Defensive plaque needs to send it to booker. Good grief.

No, I was not referring to you AT ALL. In fact, the majority of my comments were about a poster saying he was proud to say he hadn't ejected ANYONE in softball, and my opinion that in all likelihood that probably meant he had let too much go. Whether I am right or wrong on that is indeterminate, as I don't know the guy, and only suspected that this MAY be the case - he may just have coaches that "get it" in his area more than most.

Booker - I didn't even read your friggin post until after you posted this lambasting me. I didn't "read between the lines", as I'd not even read the lines themselves. I didn't draw any conclusions, false or otherwise, from my having not read your post.

PS - even now AFTER reading your post, I fail to see how my post could possibly have been misconstrued as being directed at you. Your post is the OPPOSITE of what I was referring to. I eagerly (and perhaps infinitely) await your retraction or apology.

PPS - tell Carly Simon I said hi.
"Many baseball fans look upon an umpire as a sort of necessary evil to the luxury of baseball, like the odor that follows an automobile." - Hall of Fame Pitcher Christy Mathewson
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