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Re: Re: Re: My 2 cents

Originally posted by mcrowder
Originally posted by JFA67
Originally posted by Chess Ref
1 cent for each year I have been umpiring.

I know that I have just started out in all this stuff but I am now laying the groundwork for how i am going to deal with coaches.

I strongly agree with mcrowder on this......

I don't disagree with either of you, my point is if you handle situations properly and practice preventive officating, ejections should be few and far between.

I guess I'm just trying to say there's a middle ground, and that there are problems with "not enough" just as bad as the problems that come with "too many".

I think that slightly less than 1 per season would qualify as few and far between.

When evaluating umpires, I see far too much let go that shouldn't be.
I believe we agree.
It was not my intention to come across as defensive. I have worked with plenty of umpires who can't tolerate their rule interp being questioned. esp Obstruct/Interfer.
They are abrupt/rude/unprofessional with the coaches and wonder why they can't get to the next level.

Steve M summed it up well
"Game management, appearance, showing that you've got skill & expertise, and what I'll call a 'command presence' all work together to keep the number of ejections low. But like the obscene, I'll know it when I see it - and I'll know how it's to be handled"

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