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My 2 cents

1 cent for each year I have been umpiring.

I know that I have just started out in all this stuff but I am now laying the groundwork for how i am going to deal with coaches.

I strongly agree with mcrowder on this. We, the officials let too much go. In the softball arena I haven't seen many coaches out of control but lots and lots of chirping. Speaking NFHS we are expected to act professional and appropriate but the coaches act anyway they seem fit. In the back of the Rulebook there is a code of ethics and i believe it is our job to make sure the coaches adhere to it. Not beg,badger,reason, or plead with them to act like adults and role models.

I do several sports and the coaches act as badly as the officials let them. Obviously BB is the worse but i just had a game where i had a coach that was acting in a manner that needed to be addressed. I didn't know what to do so I talked to her. If i could have i would have issued a Technical foul.

I started a SItch specific thread and my perception was I hould just leave the coaches. Now I am thinking but they are breaking the rules on conduct
and I want to address it in a manner that is logical and rules-based. Not pleading, begging, cajoling or soothing their little ruffled feathers cause a call didn"t go their way.

Rant Off
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