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So, had a senior tournament today. and the score keepers were keeping up with the baskets, until we look at the scoreboard, and the scores 5-5, and my partner and i are a little puzzled, cause theres been no 3's, and theres been no fouls, and theres been more then 2 or 3 baskets scored. It turns out that the table crew was under impression that the baskets were worth 1. Same crew 2 games later, when they had taken there scorekeeping clinic they were told home team is always white...can you imagine the pandemonium that occured when one team came out wearing gold, and one team came out wearing blue!!!! The table crew was about grade 8 & 9, in a 11& 12 tournament, and mostly there because their teachers forced them to come. So you could not even be mad, but you definitely could see the humor arising from baskets being counted as 1. My partner and I sure did!!!
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