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Originally posted by rainmaker
It says the play should be whistled dead immediately, but once the basket does happen, I'm not sure you can wipe it away.

You may well be correct. It all depends upon whether one believes that the official erroneously stating two shots makes the ball dead following a miss on the first FT. If so, then the ball that went through the basket was a dead ball and no points can be scored. The game can be resumed with the AP arrow from the point at which the ball became dead.

However, there certainly is a case to be made that just because the official misinformed the players the ball still becomes live on the miss as it correctly should have. In this case unless an official blows the whistle prior to the try being in flight, the basket must count.

I'm going with the first interpretation, if I am ever in that situation. I am probably bending the rules, but I do have some soft ground to stand on.

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