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we need the whackinator!

Originally posted by Ref-X
The Official signals an intentional foul. As Team B point is getting off of Team A point. Team A point gives him a little push. Then Team B point goes nuts and jumps all over Team A point.
Technical foul on A1, which becomes fighting and is flagrant, when B1 retaliates by fighting. (4-18-2) A1 and B1 are both DQ'd.

Originally posted by Ref-X
The coach from Team A is across the court in the face of the father of Team B point, and they start shoving each other.
Both are leaving the gym. The coach of team A is charged with a flagrant T. If the dad is a coach or bench personnel of team B then charge him with one too.

Originally posted by Ref-X
Then the mothers get in to it. Everyone is yelling and pushing. The police are called and the coach the dad the mom’s are all escorted out.
Good job. Send them all to the parking lot. We may or may not finish the game in my state. It would depend upon how many people left the team bench.

BTW, can't you just feel the holiday spirit? Isn't it wonderful?
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