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Originally posted by Dan_ref
Originally posted by fonzzy07
I agree I'm glad i didnt work that game but i think part of this should fall on the officials if they let it get to that point. Just because one kid is getting beat on the court doesnt to me = a big fight, it seems like something bigger happened
Let's review what was posted:

12 or 13 year olds.

A1 clearly better than B1. B1 has to listen to his coach & his dad getting on him about A1's ability. B1 has enough, intentionally fouls A1 on a layup. Officials call the intentional.

What would have you done to prevent the sh1tstorm that followed? What "something bigger" do you see happening here?
From what was described and even his most recent post, I don't see where the officials are responsible for this mess. Sometimes parents, especially those that coach do not know how to motivate their kids without demoralizing them. Maybe his actions is where we should look if we want to throw blame somewhere.
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