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Hello all,
Happy Holidays.
I’m working a holiday tournament this week. Last night I did my games and was about to leave when I stopped to watch an 7th/8th grade game. When all of a sudden all hell broke out. Here is how it unfolded. The point guard for team A is very talented. He could do what ever he wanted on the floor. His counterpart on team B could not guard him and was getting abused. Fourth quarter the game is going back and forth. Team A ,who was down most of the game, but with five minuets left in the game had come back the take a 2 point lead. All behind the play of Team A’s do it all point guard. He had just scored five back to back baskets ( on jump shots, drives to the basket, you name it ) all at the expense of Team B’s point guard. Team B’s point guard is getting an ear full from his coach and his Dad. Ok, under five minuets Team A point guard on a fast break clearly going in for a easy basket. When Team B point grabs him and takes him down. The Official signals an intentional foul. As Team B point is getting off of Team A point. Team A point gives him a little push. Then Team B point goes nuts and jumps all over Team A point. The Officials move in quickly and break it up. As they try to sort out the penalties. The coach from Team A is across the court in the face of the father of Team B point, and they start shoving each other. Then the mothers get in to it. Everyone is yelling and pushing. The police are called and the coach the dad the mom’s are all escorted out. Then I see team A point walking out with his bag I ask him why he was leaving he said “ My coach is my me Dad so I have to go too”. I have never seen such madness at any level of basketball. That messed up a great game.
By the way Team A lost.
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