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What is the purpose of this rule? Isn't it to ensure that the equipment doesn't get damaged before the game starts or during a dead ball? There is probably also some relevance to the taunting aspect of a big crashing dunk - that's why we call a T for hanging on the rim or doing chin-ups.

I firmly believe that we need to enforce the purpose of the rule and not someone's incorrect grammatical interpretations of rule book technicalities.

So, from my viewpoint, dropping the ball through from above the rim is definitely not a dunk. Challenging the integrity of the basket before the game has the potential to damage the equipment and therefore stop the game before it gets started - T-bone. Showboating/taunting during a deadball should likely be a T in all situations.

I've seen officials call a T for simply shooting a deadball; per 10-3-6b (last year's book), that's correct but I wouldn't do it.

10-3-6b A player shall not... delay the game by acts such as: failing when in control, to immediately pass the ball to the nearer official when a violation or foul is called.

I will T-bone those that showboaters or those that commit unnecessary acts that could potentially damage the equipment.
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