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Originally posted by Ref Daddy
During preGame warm-ups = T
What about an attempt to dunk in pre-game?

During Game = OK
During a dead ball situation in game?
Attempt to dunk during dead ball in the game?

Dunking after final horn?
Attempting to Dunk after the horn?

"technical foul if ...dunk or stuff, or attempt to dunk or stuff a dead ball prior to or during the game or during any intermission until jurisdiction of the officials has ended. This item applies to all team members."
Dunking - During warmups, automatic T. An attempted dunk in my book is just like a dunk, T coach loses his box and has to sit the whole game.

After the final horn and the end of the game, I ignore it.

Dead ball dunking I would say judgement. If the dunk was an attempt after the shot before the whistle then let it go. If the player just dunks for no reason during a dead ball, wack him.
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