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Re: Re: Re: Canadian Mechanics

[QUOTE]Originally posted by grantsrc
Originally posted by JugglingReferee
Agreed. It is a poor mechanic.
I don't know about poor mechanic. I personally think that it adds to the communication of everyone, not just officials and coaches, but clock operators and fans too. Not that the fans give a flip, but I think the intent is good.

Obviously the biggest downside is the time wasted giving the wind twice then kill. That's the biggest drawback. Other than that, I think it is effective.
As far as the clock goes, we have a mechanic in Canada where the WH will hold the clock by having his arm up if it does not start until the snap. (Mind you, we do not hold the clock near as often as you do.)

I do agree though that our inbounds/OOB signal does not communicate well to coaches, fans and press box.
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