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I can see PAUMP's point.Does the BJ wind then kill the clock on that 50 yard strike to the middle of the field for a first down? I know in this case it is obvious. On the sidelines, 99% of the time, regardless if I wind then stop the clock, the WH is asking if it was in-bounds or out-of-bounds. So why bother? But I do like the answer that it is good communications to the press-box, coaches, and fans that the clock will start on the ready. And there are other officials to stop the clock (except on 4-man to the LJ's side, unless obviously a first down).

When it comes to plays on my sideline short of the line to gain, I always wind. So when I get beyond the line to gain, I'm already winding if close or obviously a first down. So it's not different to me.
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