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Originally posted by rex:
Thanx Carl

As you said it's gonna be a little hard to get that to soak in, but at least I know now what everybody is talking about. I think I better break down and get me one of those J/R's. It might be a little early, as I'm still not done studying with the NAPBL . But to have it on had won't be a bad idea.

Again thanks. I owe you a beer.

Rex McDonald

Ps. I do appreciate the time you spent typing that up for me. It's already on hard copy and in my rule binder.


There's a point I forgot to make concerning appeals at first during unrelaxed action. I said that J/R doesn't make it clear that the fielder is appealing the base (effect of a force out) by tagging the runner who missed first and is trying to return.

That's probably because OBR 7.10(c) makes that very clear: The fielder may tag the base or the runner.

Papa C
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