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By Grantsrc
"Can a Tackle shift if his hand isn't on the ground?

Yup. As long as he doesn't simulate the snap and isn't in a three point stance.

We had the scenario presented above last night numerous times. It looks weird at first, but it perfectly legal."
This answer is not really correct. An interior lineman can shift as long as he does not false start. It is a false start if:
1. ANY A player comits a shift or feigned start tha simiulates action at the snap.
2. He comits an ct designed to cause B to encroach.
3. An interior lineman "AFTER having placed his hand(s) on, or NEAR, the ground moves his hand(s) or make any quick motion.

So you don't have to be in a three point stance to be restricted. You hands don't have to be touching the ground at all. If a lineman is standing, or even croaching, and does not have his hand on or near the ground, he may shift to a new position or even go in motion. It may not be done in a fashion that will draw the defense into encroaching by either intent or action. If his hands are down near the ground he may not move.
What's near the ground? Whatever the crew determines meets the requirement. Does he look like he's in position to run a play from a down position? Then his hands may be near enough. Does he look like they may shift to a down position as some teams do? In that case he is probably NOT in a set position.
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