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Originally posted by M&M Guy
Originally posted by ChuckElias
Originally posted by M&M Guy
Chuck, I guess I'm a little curious - do you know the reasoning behind why they switch this way? I was told that, for example in 2-person, that we switch after every foul just to get a different perspective
Honestly, I don't know. But I would guess the reasoning is the same. Get the officials to see a defferent angle after each foul. After all, that's what happens in a 2-whistle game, right? All the officials switch positions. I guess the NBA uses the same philosophy in 3-whistle. All the officials switch.
I think the reason they don't have everyone switch in 3-person in Fed. or NCAA is because they always want at least one set of eyes frozen on the players, to keep the extra-cirricular stuff to a minimum. I guess in the pro leagues everyone's more grown-up and mature, so dead ball stuff probably won't happen.
Or maybe the NBA guys are so good that they can switch and keep eyes on the players.
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