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Rook, in the NBA and presumably also in the WNBA, the switches are different from HS or NCAA. In the NBA, if you're staying the frontcourt, the calling official always becomes the Trail. No matter what position you were in, no matter where the ball will be inbounded or if FTs will be shot; if you call a foul and you're staying in the frontcourt, then you are the new Trail.

The other two official then also move to new positions. So if you're Trail and you call a foul, you stay at Trail and the L and C switch positions. If you're Lead and you call a foul table side, you go to Trail; the Trail goes opposite to C and the C becomes the new Lead.

If you're in the C and you call a foul, then you move to the Trail. The old Trail moves to the Lead and the old Lead moves to fill the C.

Nothing fancy, that's just how they do it.
Any NCAA rules and interpretations in this post are relevant for men's games only!
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