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Lightbulb Canadian Ruling

Originally posted by cowbyfan1
Situation. Pass play. A55 is flagged for holding. A12 throws a pass that is intercepted by B21 During the run back B30 blocks in the back. B21 is then tackled at the B40 by A80 with a 15 yard facemask.

By rule B has to decline BOTH fouls on A to keep the ball. To me, if after the change of possession, if A fouls it should be enforced from the suceeding spot. If B fouls after the change then offset them but B keeps the ball at the suceeding spot. My point is that under the current rules, other that a dead ball/non player foul, A can get a "free shot" in at no penalty. Not a good thing.
We have:
  • Team A holding, 10 yards, applied from PLS only

  • Team B blocking from the rear, 15 yards, point of application dependant on bullet 1

  • Team A Unnecessary Roughness/Facemask, 15 yards, from whereever other 2 fouls are applied from

  • First foul by A - first option to B:
  • accept the hold, go back 10 and repeat the down. Also go back 15 more for the facemask. Team A will also accept the block from the rear, and it's 15 yards will offset the distance for the facemask. Total: L10, DR.

  • decline the hold, and accept the change of possession, and apply other two fouls as a dual foul:

  • Team A will of course accept the block from the rear, so it and the facemask will applied from point ball held (point where ball was held at time of the block from the rear). Since both are 15 yards, the distance parts offset. So, it's B 1D/10 @ PBH of block from the rear.
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