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Isn't it sad how focused people get on sports. Don't get me wrong I love to win in anything I do, but how can someone be more worried about placement of a runner than the poor F1 with a shot taken to the head? Especially when the ball went out of play, so it was a dead ball call anyway!! It's just sad the way some people react, I wish there were video camera's at all games and you could sit the coaches down and make them watch themselves!!!! I bet there would be some red faces!! We had a guy coaching Rec league ball that was a preacher in a neighbofing town, he has gotten thrown out of at least 2 games that I know of in the last 2 years for arguing with umpires, he has made several rude comments to players, coaches and umpires. I have thought several times what his congregation would think if a game film was played on Sunday morning with him in his "game" mode. Might be interesting!
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