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Originally posted by gsf23
I thought the same thing, the catcher was basically sitting on top of home waiting for the ball. Now, the ball did arrive a second before the runner did, but she was definately blocking the plate before she got the ball.
The runner was not impeded by a a defender without the ball. I thought it was close, but a good play.

By the way, was that the first base umpire that made the call? It wasn't the plate umpire but one of the base umpires that called the out. I've never worked three or four-person mechanics so I'm not quite sure how the rotation would have worked on that play.
U3 went out on the fly ball. U4 comes inside to take 2B and a possible throw-back to 1B. U1 moves toward 3B for a possible call there and U2 heads home after U4 gets inside to pick-up the BR.

Routine rotation.

The bat issue in softball is as much about liability, insurance and litigation as it is about competition, inflated egos and softball.
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