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Originally posted by zebraman
Originally posted by BktBallRef
Originally posted by zebraman
IMHO, refs who are being lazy because they are working too many games in a row should cut back on the number of games they accept.
Unfortunately that's not possible many times. I've found myself in situations where there weren't enough offiicals to work games, and we were pretty much forced to work a lot of games to get the tourney completed. It has nothing to do with "being lazy." You're fortunate if you've never been in that sitch but I have and I'm not going to kill myself during the process.
I had our assignor once tell me that he needed me to work six games in a row or we wouldn't get coverage for a particular tournament. I told him, "three is my max because my quality deteriorates after that both mentally and physically." He ended up getting it covered... it just took him a few more phone calls than he wanted to make. Off-season ball is almost a perfect supply-and-demand market. The tournaments will find plenty of officials if they raise their pay high enough.

Well, good. We aren't always so fortunate here.

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