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Which means even if the runner missed 2nd, but passed it, the award is home. Assuming that the runner touches 2nd after tagging up at 1st.

Most of the time, I respond to those thinking two bases is too much by saying it really is a two base limit on the runner when the ball is often unplayable by the defense. Especially when it's the BR or a runner who was on 1st. This is one case where that does not really fit, as the runner was also at fault.

BTW, a play we had recently. Runner on 1st, batter hits ball to F6. F6 looks at 2nd, decides it's too late, thinks again and throws over 1st into dead ball land. As BU in B, I was judging the timing as well, to get ready for the call. I saw that by the time F6 decided and finally threw, the runner reached 2nd. Even better, my PU partner was watching the same lead runner, so we had no trouble agreeing on the award of home. The runner's team won the game by one run.
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