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I just bought this book from NASO the other day. The book is a great resource for those that are unfamiliar with 3 Person. The book has many plays that are not covered at all in the NF OfficialÂ’s Manual.

I was just looking thumbing through it (I have not read it in that much detail right now, I am still working baseball). I noticed something I first thought was wrong. I noticed early in the book when there is an explanation of the basic court coverage. At the bottom of the page there is a comment about the Lead having the closely guarded count. Now I have never been taught to do this and in our state's literature they do not advocate ever giving that count to the Lead official. I then looked up what the NF Official's Manual says so I could contact the author and NASO about this mistake. Then I looked and looked and looked and I cannot find anything that even addresses this in the 3 Person Section of the NF Official's Manual.

My question to everyone, does anyone ever get taught that the Lead official in a 3 Person system should have the closely-guarded count when the ball is in your coverage area? If you are taught this mechanic, then where is it in the NF Official's Manual?

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