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I guess my dilemma comes from ..........

1. Dummy runner was off around 2b but no tagup
2. I signal dead ball, play stops. This allows him to retreat, no penalty and no chance of appeal by defense.
3. We now reward him by "awarding" him, for being dumb, home?
4. Dummy defense was also created mess in that it tossed the ball in dead ball territory.

It just seems that the home award is too much.....but of course....rules are rules. I had no clue about the award at the time and just gave him 2B .... but now I can see that wasn't right....

My gut says ..... runner, you got saved by a defensive error that allowed you to avoid being surely put out. Count your blessings you could retreat to 1B without penalty .... but my gut wasn't right giving him 2B either.

Are we finished? Is home the award?
Wish I'da umped before I played. What a difference it'a made!
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