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Re: Again,

Originally posted by Tim C
I KNOW what is happening around me when I umpire.

NO PROCESS is changed when this wasteful signal is given.

Other signals give a road map of what should happen.

I am not a big signal guy at all.

Working two man also limits the amount of signals that need to be given.

We already talked about the IFF followed by "I got third on the tag."

Time Signal does not give direction, does not change the coverage, and certainly does not change either umpire mechanic . . . it is nothing more than telling someone something they already know.

It is kinda like giving the "Foul Tip" signal after a great big swinging strike . . . doesn't happen when I'm dishin'.

That may be fine and dandy if you are working woth partners your regularly work with or if you are the PU. If you are the BU and the PU is someone you are not familiar with you should be more willing to give the watch a tap. If nothing else to ensure he is on the proper page as really a timing play is more for the PU than the BU as he is the one deciding the timing of a play really.

I have seen timing calls with R2 and 2 outs, R1 and R3 with 2 outs, R1 and 2 outs, R2 and R3 with 1 out, R1 and R3 with 1 out and R1 and R2 with 1 out as well bases loaded with no outs. There are a number of them really, just R2 with 2 outs is most common.

Need an out, get an out. Need a run, balk it in.
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