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Originally posted by whiskers_ump
Have tried to visualize this situtation, but
really having problem. Is ball suspended? You
say not touching foul line and not touching
fair ground. Y'all playing with a ballon???

Glen: This is a scenario that came up back in the 80s in a minor league setting. B1 bunts, the ball stops rolling, and B-R is "safe" at first.

But wait.... Is the ball fair or foul?

The plate umpire in the minor league game got down on all fours to examine the ball. No part of the ball was touching the chalk. But, because of the curvature of the ball, part of it was "breaking the plane" of the foul line.

I just did an experiment in my kitchen, using a tile grout as the foul line. I calculate that upwards of a half-inch of the ball extended ACROSS into fair territory. (Remember, ALL of the foul line is fair.)

I'm serching through my records to find out what the minor league umpire ruled.

I still think it's a foul ball, but in a college game....
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