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If this coach was anything but a first year coach at 12U, she was attempting to get away with one, and further she was thinking she could put one over on YOU.

She, by demeanor or otherwise, would have to convince me that this was anything BUT trying to sneak one by the dumb umpire.

So, I would not be taking her too seriously.

I'm thinking it would go like this,

"No coach, the rule writers are not logic majors. It is a misprint."

(If the coach perists, and she is experienced or above 12U)

(ginnning)"C'mon, coach, let's play. I'm not falling for that."

(If she persists, further action is likely, maybe not ejection, but at least a serious-tone warning to return to her bench.)

With a newby coach, especially early in the year, this is a teachable moment, and that is the approach I would initially take.
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