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ASA Rules

R1 on 3B, 2 Outs.

D3K, F2 throws out BR at 1B.

While it doesnt affect the game because the BR was out, coach of D team comes out with rule book in hand and says BR cannot run to an unoccupied 1B on 2 outs on a D3K and reads me 8.1.B.

I simply told her she was incorrect and misreading it and left it at that. She didnt agree but accepted the decision. FED rules are written much clearer and case plays are clear on this, but after the game I was reading the rule and I do see how a coach could misinterpret this. At a minimum, at least a coach is trying to read the rules but how can it be explained?

Cite (paraphrased):

The batter becomes a BR
B. On F2 D3K when
1. There are fewer than two outs and first base in unoccupied at the time of the pitch, or
2. There are two outs and first basee is occupied. This is called the third strik rule.
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